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“We want you to feel our family company culture as soon as you set foot in our building”

Machiel den Dekker – AFAS

AFAS-Director Machiel den Dekker’s vision is crystal clear: a workplace is more than just a place to work in. It is a company’s business card. Anyone who walks into AFAS’ built-to-suit building in Green Business Park Gate 7 in Kontich immediately feels how that vision became a reality.

A tailored workplace with potential for growth

AFAS designs software that facilitates an organisation’s business processes and administrative monitoring. Today, the organisation has a very extensive portfolio consisting of both smaller clients and bigger companies such as Randstad, Kinepolis and more.

When the company experienced a major growth spurt a few years back, more space to work in efficiently and comfortably became a must. AFAS’s search for a new workplace brought them to Green Business Park Gate 7 in Kontich a little over a year ago.

“We immediately felt attracted to the ultra-modern and dynamic look of Gate 7”, Machiel explains. “The Green Business Park has the potential for growth and a lot of sustainability factors that we are looking for. Our building is designed to last for years to come, and to evolve with us.”



Green Business Park Gate 7’s business ecosystem:
a great asset

Another requirement for AFAS? A good location: “We are right on the axis between Antwerp and Brussels”, Machiel continues. “A location that we benefit from a lot as we regularly receive customers, but also visitors from our Dutch branch. It’s very convenient that we are now super accessible.”

“Moreover, we are in the midst of a large ecosystem consisting of different companies. We can find potential partnerships here almost literally next door,” says Machiel. “In that respect, we also feel very strongly supported by BVI.EU – for them too, that sense of community is a driving force behind building Green Business Parks like this.”


The individuality of AFAS’ built-to-suit building

The AFAS team immediately had big plans when moving into their new workplace. Not only was work efficiency important – the community feeling also had to be given its designated space. That is why, for example, you will not find a reception area upon entering the AFAS building, but rather a bar where you receive a friendly welcome. And the building houses a large terrace where lunch and afterwork-drinks are regularly served as well.

In addition, the built-to-suit building also houses a podcast room, a theatre, a large restaurant and lots of handsomely decorated meeting rooms. “We wanted to create a workplace that people would love to come to,” says Machiel. “Because we could completely customise this building, we certainly succeeded in that.”




Customer service at its best – from laying the first stone to completing the project!

It is safe to say that AFAS is happy with its built-to-suit building at Green Business Park Gate 7. Although Machiel also thinks that BVI.EU’s after-sales service deserves its rightful attention. “In case of problems or a question, we can always turn to BVI.EU. Even when they themselves have nothing to do with the problem, solutions are sought after with us”, he says. “An approach we can definitely appreciate!”


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