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BVI.EU obtains building permit for Heermeers Green Business Park in Evergem!

Some very good news! We just acquired the building permit for Heermeers Green Business Park in Evergem. That means we can start construction on this brand new durable SME-park very soon. 

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Easy to access,
yet surrounded by nature!

On the site of just over 2 ha in total (in industrial area) at the Doornstraat in Evergem, a total of 8,100m² of commercial real estate will be built. In total, 39 SME units ranging from 115m² to 235m² of floor space will be built in three buildings.

There is room for artisanal and semi-industrial companies in need of a production hall, a workshop or storage space, whether or not combined with office space.

Heermeers Green Business Park is located near Ghent. The Ghent Seaport for example, is less than 15 km away from the site. However, with the “Meetjesland” and the “Heermeerspark” close by – there are plenty of green surroundings to enjoy and get inspired by!