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A new light on life sciences thanks to Florence Bosco, our new Biotech Business Developer!

A warm welcome to Florence Bosco: our newest Life Sciences Business Developer!

At BVI.EU, we are constantly trying to improve and reinvent our role as an innovative corporate real estate developer. Partnering up with the right people is an essential part of succeeding in this mission.

It is no secret that Belgium is gaining more and more international prestige when it comes to the thriving life sciences sector (Bio-Med-Pharma). More and more companies from this extended market are establishing themselves in Belgium, providing BVI.EU with an excellent opportunity to create workplaces adapted to the specific needs of different companies within this market segment.

That’s why we enlist the help of expert Florence Bosco, experienced Chief Executive Officer and Consultant operating in the health industry. She will help us with strengthening our position as a corporate real estate partner developing durable, modular workplaces that offer companies focused on life sciences the same value in 30 to 50 years time as they do today.

Florence has a wealth of professional experience in the BioTech and MedicalTech sector and in setting up and managing incubators for spin-offs and start-ups active in the life sciences sector. She will offer BVI.EU valuable know-how surrounding the Life Sciences Village project we are developing in Wavre, on a 180,000 m² site near GSK-VACCINS.

Furhermore, she will help us with -amongst others- maintaining specialist press contacts, identifying the right partners for our projects and making sure we promote BVI.EU as an innovative corporate real estate developer in Life Sciences.

Good luck, Florence! We can’t wait to see what the future has in store.