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Property developers BVI.BE and Pedesco have joined forces on the “’t SAS SME Park” project in Kampenhout. The Antwerp firm BVI.BE is specialised in the development of SME business parks as shown by its impressive list of references. Pedesco, a developer from Kampenhout, acquired the terrain in 1996



Since the introduction of the regional plan in 1972, the project site had been designated as an industrial terrain. It was used as agricultural land until 2008. After contacting Elia, the major owner of industrial zone IV and the municipality of Kampenhout, Haviland intermunicipal cooperative society was appointed in 2008 as the developer of this zone of approximately 10 hectares.

Extensive consultations took place between 2008 and 2011 with the parties involved (the municipality of Kampenhout, the province of Flemish Brabant, Haviland intermunicipal cooperative society, Flanders enterprise agency, etc.) to reach the present design. On 28 May 2010, Haviland obtained a licence for the road and infrastructure works. 2010 was also the year in which Michel Meers (BVI.BE) and Paul Peeters (Pedesco) first met to talk about starting this project. The administrative board of Haviland gave its approval for the development of the Kampenhout Sas/Vekestraat regional business park on 24 October 2011.

On 15 April 2013, Pedesco obtained its first licence for constructing a building with an area of 6,685 m², divided into 14 units and 67 parking spaces. The decision was then taken to further purchase lot 5/2 with 4,815 m² which meant that the zone specifically intended for the construction of collective business premises expanded to 16,685 m².

On 14 January 2014, the municipal executive of Kampenhout provided an urban development licence for the construction of 3 separate buildings, divided into 34 units, each with their own parking spaces and individual areas from 180 m².

After the construction industry holidays in 2014, Valcke Prefab Beton began work on building B. The carcass structure was completed in February 2015.

At the request of BVI.BE, that had successfully completed Dansaert SME park in Groot-Bijgaarden, the decision was taken in March 2015 to support and guide this project.

In May 2015, BVI.BE and Pedesco jointly formed the company KMO-PARK ’t SAS BVBA for this project to continue development of a high-quality project in a unique location. Several business units have already been sold in collaboration with the principal property agent, Panorama Vastgoed.



Kampenhout-Sas is located on the most important axis between Mechelen and Leuven. Situated barely 10 km from these 2 major cities and a stone’s throw from the junction with the E19, this is the ideal site for a hyper-modern business park.

The business park is in a prime location beside the busy Leuvensesteenweg, which provides maximum visibility. The newly constructed access road increases ease of access to the complex. This access road is highly visible at the roundabout near to the McDonald’s.

Public transport is also literally on the doorstep. A bus stop next to the McDonald’s and the bus station on the Kampenhout-Sas roundabout ensure that this business park is extremely accessible for everyone.

The location of your business premises is your greatest asset for the future and provides a certain added value for your investment.


Tailored to the client

Three separate collective business premises will house a total of 41 SME units, each with their own parking spaces and with areas ranging from 132 m². Our SME units can be adapted to suit the client. A project manager is guiding purchasers during the planning and construction phases.

The business park concept consists of designing one harmonious whole in which the sum of the parts creates a more characteristic identity than the individual entities alone.

By designing out the interplay between closed and open spaces across the boundaries of the separate SME units, the business park as a whole appears larger.

This concept is reinforced by offering the purchaser an adaptable façade concept enabling the space to be adapted to the purchaser’s requirements in order to make the best possible use of the various glass panels.

This innovative concept was created by Dieter Peeters Architecten from Kampenhout.



Our “first-class” units meet the most stringent EPB standard (insulation) and fire standard (fire class C, the highest class).

We supply a fully functioning SME unit with the requisite technologies such as a fire detection system, smoke vent dome and a gate, which has already been approved and connected.
Utility connections are provided to the SME units and the meters have already been fitted.

Michel Meers, Managing Director of BVI.BE NV: “For SMEs, it is important to invest in sustainable, modern business premises in a prime location. This building is not only efficient for carrying out work activities, but it also offers added value for continued future growth.”

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