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BVI.EU hosts networking event “Rencontre des voisins” in collaboration with Alliance Centre BW

On 10/11, BVI.EU and networking organisation Alliance Centre BW hosted the networking event ‘Rencontre des voisins’ at Green Business Park Parc de l’Europe in Wavre.

The aim of this event was – as the name suggests – to connect entrepreneurs in Wavre.  The 45 participants are active in different niches including the automotive sector, the ICT sector, the legal sector,…

All the entrepreneurs introduced themselves to their potential connections in a one minute presentation. The sponsors of the event (including BVI.EU) did the same in 8-10 minutes. The event then ended with a delicious lunch during which there was plenty of time for networking with potential business connections.

It is very useful for BVI.EU to host and participate in events like this, says Colleague Geoffroy Dumonceau (Chief Development Officer): “This type of events provides us with a chance to connect with local entrepreneurs in the region where we build our business parks. For BVI.EU, that connection is essential.”

It also allows BVI.EU to put the spotlight on Green Business Parks currently under construction. “Not only can we bring local entrepreneurs together – we can present the brand new offices in Green Business Park Parc de l’Europe in Wavre and in Green Business Park Nivelles-Sud, and give visitors a taste of what BVI new offices buildings will look like before their completion in Q4-2023.”

The participants also included some clients of BVI.EU. “A great way to include them too in the progress we are making in our Green Business Park,” concludes Geoffroy.