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BVI.EU hosts successful AI-Driven Drug Discovery (AIDD) conference at Quantum Biospace

At the biotech innovation village of Quantum Biospace in Waver, BVI.EU recently hosted the successful AI-driven Drug Discovery (AIDD) Conference in collaboration with TRAIL (Trusted AI Labs and SCieNSATiON). The event, which was the first happening at Quantum Biospace, the newly established biopharmaceutical AI science park, successfully brought together high-level AI specialists and drug discovery experts.

The conference featured an insightful white paper entitled “How AI is Changing the Game in Drug Discovery and Biotech Entrepreneurship” by Florence Bosco, Benoit Macq and Frederic Sallmann. Conference participants also had the privilege of hearing presentations from industry leaders and experts such as Stein Vermeulen of Microsoft, Ségolène Martin of Kantify, Graham Ball of Intelligent OMICS Ltd, Petrina Kamya, Ph.D. of Insilico Medicine, and Thibault Helleputte of DNAlytics.

​The science park demonstrates BVI.EU’s unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant scientific, educational, entrepreneurial and social community centred on biotechnology innovation. Looking back on the event, we’d like to highlight the importance of the relationships built and the growing support that is essential for the future of the Quantum Biospace project. We’re honoured and privileged to work with some of the brightest minds in AI technology and healthcare.

As BVI.EU continues to make strides in biotech innovation, this conference represents an important milestone in our efforts to advance AI-driven drug discovery and entrepreneurship in the biopharmaceutical sector.