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BVI.EU’s first project in the Dutch go-to logistics hotspot: Waalwijk

We’re thrilled to announce our first project in the Netherlands: Waalwijk High End Light Industrial (HELI). The industrial site of over 7,000 m² is located in  Zanddonk Business Park and is divided into two commercial buildings with a total of twenty units. The location harmoniously combines energy efficiency, sustainability and workplace comfort. The choice of Waalwijk is no coincidence. The city has often been hailed as the ‘logistics hotspot of the Netherlands’ due to its strategic location and the fact that its extensive business parks are home to a total of 5,925 companies.

“I’m proud and excited about BVI.EU’s Dutch adventure,” says Michel Meers, founder of BVI.EU. “Having already expanded in France, Germany and Luxembourg, we aren’t new to the European market, but every new step is exciting. Above all, I’m very proud that we can introduce our sustainable, high-quality industrial properties to our neighbours in the north. Soon, entrepreneurs in Waalwijk will be introduced to BVI.EU’s appealing business buildings, which feature clean architecture, exceptional finishes and a strong focus on sustainability.”

“Waalwijk has a strong position in logistics thanks to the many small and medium-sized businesses that have set up shop here. That is why I’m convinced that the regional economy will receive a boost from the HELI project. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need an environment in which they can grow without having to worry about the future. In the vision of BVI.EU, entrepreneurs are completely unencumbered and work in a tailor-made space that meets all their needs. This is what we’ll realise in Waalwijk,” Michel Meers concludes.

A space for craftsmanship and innovation

On the Waalwijk HELI site, a generous 7,376 m² of industrial real estate is reserved for artisan and semi-industrial SMEs. There are two commercial buildings with a total of twenty units that offer variable spaces, ranging from 163 m² to 226 m², and can be flexibly designed according to the needs of any business. Each unit can be divided into two floors to create a production hall, showroom, workshop or warehouse on the ground floor and offices upstairs if desired.

Located strategically in the epicentre of Dutch logistics

Waalwijk High End Light Industrial (HELI) is ideally located in the logistics hotspot of the Netherlands. Centrally situated between Raamsdonksveer and ‘s-Hertogenbosch, the capital of North Brabant, Waalwijk offers seamless access to Tilburg (18 km south). The site is strategically located near the N261 (Tilburg – Waalwijk) and the A59 (Den Bosch – Raamsdonksveer), making it a perfect location for local SMEs looking to do business and expand.