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BVI.EU, the specialist in the development of sustainable units for SMEs, mixed-use business parks and build-to-suit projects, is proud to announce the launch of “BVI Invest”. This new addition to BVI. EU’s service offering is a direct response to the evolution of the real estate market, where more and more SMEs are choosing to rent out their business premises. BVI Invest offers investors the opportunity to invest from €100,000, responding to the growing demand for professional rental space with the possibility of guaranteed returns on specific projects. BVI Invest is a new division within BVI.EU is headed by Keanu Meers, who is also responsible for sales at the real estate developer.

A safe and profitable option for homeowners in a dynamic property market

BVI Invest responds to the growing trend towards leasing among SMEs

BVI Invest was founded when the property market was undergoing significant changes. With the recent shift from buying to renting among SMEs, BVI Invest offers a unique opportunity for investors to capitalise on this trend. The programme has been developed to provide a stable and attractive investment opportunity while meeting the need for sustainable and flexible commercial space.

Keanu Meers is the director of BVI Invest and sales director at BVI.EU explains: “Belgium used to be a buyer’s market. SMEs wanted to own their property themselves. Until about two years ago, we sold almost everything to small companies. But for the past year or so, we have noticed that more and more companies want to rent due to rising costs, higher interest rates and more difficult access to bank loans. BVI Invest is our response to this leasing trend. BVI Invest is our response to this demand. Investors can participate from as little as 100,000 euros, for example, by investing in one unit, several units or an entire business park.”

Stable income and many other benefits

Letting an SME to professional tenants offers several additional advantages. This type of commercial property investment is considered secure, with stable tenants and infrequent vacancies. Investors can count on a regular income stream, which is also protected against inflation thanks to rent indexation.

Keanu Meers: “The offer is truly unique. Our projects are characterised by yields 50% higher than student residences and residential properties. By investing in an SME unit, investors can benefit from attractive yields starting at 5% and have a growing potential for capital gains on their property.”

And that’s not all. Jurgen Mesens, CEO of BVI.EU continues: “Another important advantage is that the tenant pays all taxes and duties, including property tax. This eases the financial burden on the investor and increases the net return. In addition, investing in SMEs contributes to the growth of the local economy and employment, as these businesses are essential to the community.”

Investors can reclaim the VAT paid on the purchase price, an additional financial benefit. In addition, the buildings developed by BVI.EU fulfils the latest energy standards and ESG criteria. This makes them attractive for tenants and investors who value sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

Last but not least, BVI.EU’s SME units are characterised by a high degree of modularity and flexibility, so they can be easily adapted to the specific needs of different tenants, increasing the attractiveness and long-term value of these investments.

BVI Invest gets its own team

BVI.EU confirms its new service, BVI Invest, with a dedicated team led by Keanu Meers and Arnaud de Bergeyck. This strong leadership and expertise ensures that BVI Invest will continue to promote the quality and reliability of BVI.EU is known for.

Arnaud de Bergeyck, Cristofer Fischer, Charles Herbaut, Keanu Meers.