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Gate 7 overzicht

BVI.EU, a developer of SME parks, mixed-use business parks and built-to-suit buildings since 1999, has been growing strongly recently. Both in Flanders and Wallonia as well as in France and Germany, it continues to innovate with new projects. In order to further perpetuate this growth, a new head office had become a must. Green Business Park Gate 7 in Kontich is a realization of its own that offers the recently expanded team of BVI.EU an ultramodern and dynamic work environment. Also in Wavre, the company is moving into a new office in Parc de l’Europe, also its own development of a mixed business park, in order to be able to serve the Walloon market even better.

Global growth

BVI.EU has been experiencing steady growth for years on several fronts. For example, in 2022 the company has a team of 25 employees and hopes to add a few more people in the coming months. In fact, there are still a number of vacancies open. The project mill at home and abroad is also running at full speed, especially in Walloon Brabant. Just think of the Life Sciences & Business Village in Wavre, the Jaurdinia offices in Mont-Saint-Guibert and new Green Business Parks in Rhises and Hélécine. On the Flemish side, BVI.EU has a number of projects in Bekkevoort, Genk and Tienen.

BVI.EU is not only looking at Belgium. France and Germany are also on the menu, with projects in Escaudain and Essen respectively. This is fully in line with the new name and head offices in Kontich and Wavre, from where national and international growth can be sustained.


BVI.EU has opted for two main offices, one in Flanders and one in Wallonia. The new home base in Flanders is located on Prins Boudewijnlaan in Kontich. More specifically in the Green Business Park Gate 7, a business park that BVI.EU realized itself and that is completely sold out.

Green Business Park Parc de l’Europe in Wavre will be the new base for Wallonia, where BVI.EU will be using part of the office space.

Both locations are gems in innovation and sustainability. The employees of BVI.EU will be working in an environment that responds optimally to their needs and offers excellent support. From these two parks, BVI.EU is armed for the future and will be able to serve its domestic and foreign clients even better.