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The company welcomes Kristof Spagnoli as its CFO. The legal and financial expert has been a member of the Management Committee and the Board of Directors of BVI.EU since 15 January.

Financial and legal expert with decades of experience 

The former lawyer, Kristof Spagnoli, is no stranger to BVI.EU. As a partner of the corporate finance firm Finlee, specialised in M&A transactions and corporate finance, he accompanied the entry of Securex and the capital injection into BVI.EU. 

Kristof started his career as a lawyer at the Antwerp Bar in 1994. Between 2006 and 2017, he was a partner of Belgium’s largest independent law firm, Eubelius. In addition to his legal career, he taught at KU Leuven and UCLL Leuven. In 2017, Kristof moved into the corporate world, first as CEO of Christian Teunissen’s family office of listed Xior Student Housing, then as CEO and director of several companies, including Finlee and a hotel property developer. He has been CFO at BVI.EU since 15 January. 

Evolution towards a multinational company 

In recent years, property developer BVI.EU has experienced significant growth in Belgium, as well as in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. BVI.EU is further committed to innovation and high-quality B2B property and is striving to enter new markets. This expansion requires a tightly structured organisation. “With my background as an M&A and financial advisor, I have the right qualities in terms of financial and legal support to support this next step in the scaling of BVI.EU,” explains Kristof. 

Spagnoli’s move to BVI.EU reflects his desire for a role that embraces strategic growth as well as sustainable and family values. “At BVI.EU, I can directly contribute to the company’s targeted growth and development towards internationally established values while maintaining BVI.EU’s signature people-centred and caring approach,” says Kristof. His choice is reinforced by BVI.EU’s focus on sustainability and innovation in a demanding B2B market.