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BVI.EU, the specialist in the development of business parks for small and medium-sized enterprises, mixed business parks and customized solutions, is proud to announce the appointment of Harry Chkolar as Development Director for Luxembourg. BVI.EU, a leading developer of SME units and sustainable business parks for almost 25 years, hereby takes another step in its innovative growth story. BVI.EU has numerous opportunities for investors and SMEs in the Grand Duchy. 

Real estate expert with two decades of experience 

Chkolar brings with him a great deal of relevant experience. Among others, he worked at Cushman & Wakefield as an investment analyst and valuer, at Immobel and Atenor as Project Director and finally at CBRE Luxembourg as head of the Capital Markets & Development Advisory department. He also founded his own firm Bricksquare. 

His background as a civil engineer specializing in architecture and urban planning strengthens his expertise in the sector. Chkolar is also a member of the Business Building Association of Luxembourg. 

Innovation and flexibility in the heart of Luxembourg

Chkolar will play a crucial role in introducing BVI.EU’s concept – customized SME units and built-to-suit solutions – in Luxembourg. He emphasizes the need for a change in mentality: “Of course there are business parks in Luxembourg, but every company there has its individual building. That is out of date, because today we know that in order to combat global warming we have to build closer together.”  

Chkolar continued, “The economy in Luxembourg is concerned about the availability of land, but if you look at their economic zones, they are all separate buildings. That’s an outdated model, which is why we want to bring about a change in mentality with our sustainable, mixed-use business parks.” 

BVI.EU offers built-to-suit solutions, which means that their SME units are adaptable. Flexibility is paramount. Spaces can be reduced or expanded according to the tenant’s needs. 

Local connection and cooperation  

With its business parks, BVI.EU aims to create an “incubator” environment that fosters local connection and collaboration among tenants. This approach is fully in line with Luxembourg companies’ preference to work with local partners. 

Michel Meers, CEO of BVI.EU, also emphasizes the innovative aspect of offering individual units to companies, something currently lacking in Luxembourg. “Large storage providers do not exist in Luxembourg, and that need is very much there. BVI.EU’s core values have always been progressive, with a focus on sustainability, renewable energy and future-proof buildings. With a team that has diverse expertise, our mission is clear: we want to completely unburden clients so they can focus entirely on their core business.”