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Tailor-made SME units with expansion modules

BVI.EU is developing a business park on the Carnaperhof industrial estate in the north of Essen; consisting of 4 buildings with 32 units between 140m² and 1,200m² of rental space. The last unit is now for rent!


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Flexibility as an anchor point

We offer you 3 different types in terms of units: as a base, you have a ground-floor storage space, which can be supplemented with an office, a workshop or a showroom as required. This is ideal for small and medium-sized companies looking for new premises perfectly tailored to their specific needs. Based on the standardised shell construction, BVI.EU offers individual expansion modules. Each unit can therefore be adapted to your company’s needs as required!

Tailored to your business

Within the standardised option package, several units can be combined and thus customised. If the façade elements are rented before construction starts, they can also be adapted to the requirements of the interior space.


Modular options for every unit

  • Package 1: Fully equipped WC room, kitchenette and washbasin with cold tap on the ground floor
  • Package 2: Office on the mezzanine floor

These SME units can be arranged as… 

  • Office space
  • Showroom
  • Production area
  • Picknick area
  • Laboratory
  • Repair and service station

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