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Get inspired by this business park with 26 SME units!

Right between Hasselt and Leuven, incredibly spacious and easily accessible to customers, employees and suppliers –yes, this Green Business Park in Assent is an excellent example of how we create your optimal workplace at BVI.EU! Take a look at this gem where ecology, safety and aesthetics go hand in hand.

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Completion date: 2021
Location:3460 Assent, at Bekkevoort
Area:: 11,350 m²
Number of buildings:: 26 SME units


Beautiful location right between Leuven and Hasselt

What is undoubtedly one of the greatest assets of this business park? Location, location, location!
You will find the park just 2 km from exit 24 of the E314 and almost mid-way between commercially interesting cities such as Leuven, Hasselt and Tienen.

Customers, employees, visitors, etc. Everyone can easily find their way to the Green Business Park in Assent. The grounds are easily accessible by car – sufficient parking spaces have been provided – but cyclists and those who prefer public transport can also get there quickly.

And this location is also ideal for secure deliveries. The park itself has a lot of space, which ensures smooth circulation. Trucks, for example, never have to reverse – and that promotes the safety of vulnerable road users.

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BVI.EU Green Business Park Assent locatie





Green Business Park SME units in Assent

We like to call ourselves experts in the smart layout of spaces. And you will also notice this in this realisation! The available space is used as functionally as possible on the site itself. By combining different SME units, we create an extremely efficient whole and ensure maximum reduction of energy costs.

Moreover, these SME units excel in flexibility. For example, a large proportion of units from 153 m² were combined with each other. This created new workplaces that could and can continue to grow with our customers!


 Facts & figures: 

ο 26 flexible units from 153 m²
ο Solar panels, battery pack, rainwater recovery, possibility of charging stations for cyclists and cars available.
ο Smart lighting, high resolution camera, access control

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Sustainability is key!

When we create your workplace at BVI.EU, we do so with the utmost attention to sustainability. In this way, we can assure you that you will acquire a building that will still be as high-quality and future-proof as it is today in 10, 20 and 30 years!

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Ecology is central

One of the driving factors of sustainability? Undoubtedly: an eye for ecology. Here in Assent, too, we created a green environment with local plants that require little maintenance. Good for the view and added value for the environment! Of course, it doesn’t stop at planting trees. Numerous other environmentally friendly initiatives are also taking their place here. For example, rainwater is collected and reused, the buildings were constructed in accordance with the latest EPB standards and thermal insulation is optimal.







Built according to BVI.EU SEQ standards: quality always comes first

Our Security, Environmental, and Quality (SEQ) metrics are the standard for every workplace we create. They have been closely observed here too.

This means that this business park in Assent is always secure, that environmental friendliness is key, and that quality standards are designed and cultivated with the utmost care.


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