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Get inspired by this mixed business park with SME units, office buildings and a built-to-suit building!

New industries demand new spatial solutions! This is why BVI.EU developed the future-proof Green Business Park Gate 7 – dynamic, sustainable and above all: a real eye-catcher along the Prins Boudewijnlaan in Kontich.
What is there here? A sparkling, productive and varied ecosystem where companies can take each other to the next level.

Large and small offices, SME units and even a built-to-suit building? The Green Business Park Gate 7 is a model for the mixed business park of the future. We are very proud to present it to you.

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Gate 7

Completion date: 2021
Location: Prins Boudewijnlaan, 2550 Kontich
Area: 52,000m²
Number of SME units: 60
Number of office buildings: 4
Number of built-to-suit buildings: 1




Smart layout of interior and exterior space at the forefront


Compact buildings and offices in and around buildings that are inventively stacked – there are many reasons why Green Business Park Gate 7 is a real gem, but the intelligent layout of both indoor and outdoor spaces is undoubtedly one of the most important.
A good example? The roof car park on top of the central multi-tenant building. A smart way to reduce ground floor pressure and increase spatial efficiency.





Green Business Park Gate 7 SME units

When we create your workplace at BVI.EU, we do so with one goal in mind: to completely unburden you so that you can focus on your core business.

That is why we combine new and progressive techniques with intelligent technology in our SME units. Add a smart design of your unit and the sustainable use of different materials and the ideal workplace is a reality.

Facts & figures: 

ο 60 units ranging from 120 m² to 950 m²
ο Each unit meets the highest standards of insulation and fire safety
ο A street system with smart lighting ensures optimum visibility and safety
ο A lot of natural light from the high windows

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The office spaces at Green Business Park Gate 7

A place where working comfort is central – that is a nice description of the office buildings and office spaces on the Gate 7 site! Smart aid conditioning and sun protection systems, optimal settings and a sense of space: you will enjoy working in the offices of Gate 7.

Facts & figures:

ο 2,500 m² of office space
ο Open-plan offices
ο Lots of natural light from the high windows
ο Sun protection, heating and cooling via climate ceiling

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Built-to-suitgebouw BVI.EU: Dimec

The built-to-suit building at Green Business Park Gate 7

Some SMEs require a customised workplace. And that applies to Dimec, a wood veneer specialist. At Green Business Park Gate 7 they have a built-to-suit building of no less than 6,500 m² where they can perform their activities optimally!

The result? A building that is nicely integrated into the whole of the business park and yet still looks beautiful in itself.

>> Looking for a customised building? Contact us now!



Always focusing on sustainability!

During the entire construction and delivery process at BVI.EU, working ecologically is always key. For example, in the construction phase of Gate 7, significant savings on the CO impact of the project could be achieved by retaining part of the existing building and re-using different materials.



Ecology as a priority at Green Business Park Gate 7

Thanks to the smart layout of the park – both around and in the buildings, the SME units, office buildings and the built-to-suit building consume a lot less energy than a traditional office building. What’s more, they are almost energy neutral (BEN).

It goes without saying that all sanitary installations in the offices are also flushed with collected rainwater and that the windows are triple-glazed. Residents can also expect bicycle and car charging points. And there is a sorting street that facilitates the sorting and management of waste flows for all companies.

In the offices there are also climate ceilings, computer lighting and smart lighting in the corridors, as well as in the car park and between the buildings. There are also solar panels and green roofs throughout the business park.


Our SEQ standards – quality always comes first

Our SEQ standards (Security, Environmental and Quality) are – of course – also closely observed at Gate 7. This means that the Gate 7 business park is always secure, that green living is central, and that quality standards are designed and cultivated with the utmost care.




Accessibility is the greatest asset!



At BVI.EU, we know that accessibility is key for commercial property. Especially with the current war on talent, in which it can be a great asset. When looking for new opportunities, therefore, we take the location very much into account. This way you can be sure that you already stand out.

The proximity of both Antwerp and Brussels and Mechelen, the surrounding area that is bursting with economic activity and the central location of the business park next to Prins Boudewijnlaan make this location the ideal base for progressive SMEs and companies that focus on the future!



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