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BVI.EU is developing GREEN BUSINESS PARK HELECINE on a 9,650 sqm site

From the second quarter of 2023, 30 SME units with a surface area ranging from 60 m² to 240 m² will be available for companies active in the production, warehousing, service, craft or small industry sectors.

Strategic position

The Green Business Park of Hélécine, which is part of the InBW business park “Espace Hélécine Innovation” in the province of Walloon Brabant, is located halfway between Brussels (55 km) and Liège (50 km). Hélécine is located 30 km south-east of Leuven, 50 km north of Namur and 10 km south of Tienen. The park is extremely well located with direct access from the E40 (exit n° 26) and a connection to the N29 (Tienen-Jodogne-Charleroi) at 5 km.

30 flexible SME units

BVI.EU is creating a new SME park in Hélécine which consists of the realization of 3 buildings (A, B and C) of industrial type intended to be rented or sold in a maximum of 30 individual units to small and medium sized industrial companies as well as the development of 63 parking spaces. The site also has a parking capacity for electric bicycles.

On a plot of 9,650 m2 BVI.EU is developing 4,644 m² of SME units, each with a surface area ranging from 60 m² to 240 m².  The free height under beam is approximately 6,2 m
These units are distributed as follows:
Building A (3 units)
Building B (21 units)
Building C (6 units)

Each SME will also be offered the possibility of buying or renting units in the HELECINE Green Business Park, so that the concept can be fully adapted not only to the needs of each company, but also to its financial means.

The environment, quality and safety are the main priorities of BVI.EU

All the real estate projects we develop are in line with the respect of future generations and use the most efficient and least energy-consuming technologies in terms of construction, insulation and communication.

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