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Get inspired by this Green Business Park with KMO-units near “Lakeland”!

An older business park that’s located ideally? At BVI.EU we recognize a challenge when we see one! On to a new use for this beautiful site, we thought. So we developed the Green Business Park Aalter!

This SME park in the well-known Meetjesland region of East Flanders is a beautiful mix of 34 SME units, spread over an extensive and, above all, extremely accessible site. Let us inspire you!


Completion date: 2018
Location: 9980 Aalter near “Lakeland”
Area:: 8000 m²
Number of buildings:: 34 SME units



“It’s like a small village that works together here – that is quite unique compared to other business zones.” 

Kaat Bonte, photographer


Location near the “Lakeland” industrial estate as big asset

Right next to the “Lakeland” industrial estate and barely 2 kilometres from exit 11 Aalter – yes, this real estate development is situated in an almost perfect location in terms of accessibility.

At BVI.EU, we know all too well that accessibility is a key factor in corporate real estate – especially with the current war on talent. Therefore, when looking for new opportunities, we take location and accessibility very much into consideration, so you’re sure to excel!



The SME units of the Green Business Park in Aalter

Modern, aesthetically pleasing and practically designed SME units form the basis of this extensive SME park in Aalter. The biggest trump card? That is the multi-purpose use of such a unit.


Attention on sustainability at every step!

Throughout the entire construction and delivery process at BVI.EU, ecologically responsible work takes centre stage.

Nearly energy neutral (BEN) & SEQ-proof

Every building in this business park is BEN (nearly energy neutral). This means that little energy is used for heating, ventilation, cooling and hot water.

In addition, the work here was carried out in accordance with the SEQ standards of BVI.EU. SEQ stands for Security, Environmental and Quality. This means that your business park will always be built as securely as possible, as green as possible and with the highest quality standards.

Our SEQ standards – key to sustainability

Our SEQ standards (Security, Environmental and Quality) were – of course – also meticulously observed at Gate 7. This means that the Gate 7 business park is always secure, that green living is central and that construction and renovation take place with the highest quality standards.


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