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Together with the city of Wavre and inBW, BVI.EU is developing a new business park
that focuses on life sciences

The ambition to develop a business park which commits to the entire value chain of AI-driven and traditional players in biotech and health technology, is in line with the global importance of this sector and ties in with several existing assets: the proximity of university sites, both Walloon, Flemish and Brussels and the already existing concentration of innovative companies active in life sciences (Bio-Med-Pharma) and the future importance of these sectors.

Business hub

On the 17 ha site (in a zone of mixed economic activity), between the Chaussée des Collines and the Chaussée de Bruxelles in Wavre, BVI.EU is developing Quantum Biospace.  A park with 55,000 m² of real estate tailor made for on the one hand biotech, medtech and pharmatech companies, but also craft and industrial SMEs, as well as large Belgian and international companies to establish their laboratory, production hall, office and/or storage space.


Service hub

In addition to the ‘business hub’, a ‘service hub’ is being developed on a 6-hectare site with space for a hotel (72 rooms), a quality restaurant and an events hall with a capacity of 300 people. All this in a green environment with ample parking and leisure facilities.


Quatum Biospace is an extension of the existing business park Wavre Noord, which was created in 1969 and has been gradually expanded since. The site now houses 380 companies from various sectors, employs 10,000 people and is a breeding ground for innovative projects in many fields in which the companies present here are active. With the E411 at 1km, the railway station at 2km, Brussels airport at less than 50km and Liège airport at 80km, the site is extremely accessible.


The site can accommodate up to 25,000m² of offices, loboratories, clean rooms, etc. starting from 1,000m² per unit.

For built-to-suit production or logistics there is space for 11,000m², with units starting at 2,000m².

For SME-units the site can be developed up to 20,000m², with units starting at 200m².

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