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BVI.EU plans to build a new high-end business park in Waalwijk

Waalwijk HELI Business Park is a High End Light Industrial (HELI) business center located in the Waalwijk-Noord industrial estate, with a focus on energy efficiency, sustainability, and work comfort. Its location in one of the logistics hotspots in the Netherlands is perfect for supporting your business growth. Discover the new business park in Waalwijk.

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Units ranging from 91 m² to 226 m²

To support the ever-changing needs of your business, 20 units in  2 buildings are fully modularly designed in this project. In the units, it is possible to install a mezzanine floor, which provide extra (storage) space. In addition to a mezzanine floor, units can also be equipped with an office. There is also the possibility to combine multiple units. The units are designed by BVI.EU so that you can strive for an A++++ energy label. The necessary facilities are present for the installation of solar panels, and the units are equipped with floor insulation. Additionally, it is possible to install a heat pump, and there is daylight entry via skylights.


Very well located ,
easily  accessible

The business center is strategically located just two minutes from the N261 (Tilburg – Waalwijk) and five minutes from the A59 (Den Bosch – Raamsdonksveer). It is the ideal location to do business and grow your company. Waalwijk HELI Green Business Park is being developed on the Zanddonk business park in Waalwijk, with a total of 7,376 m² of commercial real estate where small and medium-sized enterprises can fully develop in a sustainable manner.

A safe and sustainable high end light industrial park

With the S.E.Q. package (Security, Environment, Quality), BVI.EU ensures a professional finish of security and quality-equipped common areas. Camera surveillance and energy-efficient, smart LED lighting provide the necessary safety at the HELI park. Water-permeable tiles and infiltration are one of the many green initiatives present that contribute to a sustainable environment. BVI.EU guarantees quality-equipped common areas by offering an advertising totem, frame for logo signs, and unit numbering through a lighting box.

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