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Securex deal

BVI.EU and Securex, an employment and entrepreneurship partner, have signed an agreement under which Securex will join BVI.EU with a capital injection. This partnership will help BVI.EU to continue its growth at home and abroad. The two parties have plans to develop joint offerings to serve their clients better.

Both organisations join forces for an improved service offering

BVI.EU and Securex cover the basic needs of SMEs, which differ in nature, but their respective solutions and services are complementary. BVI.EU provides real estate services by developing sustainable and modular SME parks, mixed business parks consisting of different types of commercial properties, and tailor-made commercial buildings where the client is taken care of as much as possible. In return, Securex supports employers and entrepreneurs with a wide range of HR services.

In the future, Securex will also be able to offer office and business infrastructure solutions to the starting self-employed and (start-up) employers among its clients, thanks to the collaboration with BVI.EU. Thanks to Securex, BVI.EU will from now on be able to make a difference by focusing more on additional services for SMEs, with Securex as its HR partner.

“We are very happy to have a strong partner like Securex on board. Together we are more ready and motivated than ever to realise our healthy and ambitious international growth ambitions,” says Michel Meers, Founder and Chairman of the Board of BVI.EU.

Alain Braive, CEO of Securex Insurance and Director Investment at Securex: “BVI.EU is an example of very active and successful entrepreneurship. In previous collaborations, we have always been struck by BVI.EU’s professionalism and the sustainable quality of the projects carried out. Securex therefore didn’t hesitate to invest in BVI.EU’s capital in order to co-finance the further international growth of this flourishing Belgian company. “

Collaborating in the past, present and future

Securex and BVI.EU have worked together several times in recent years. As an ad hoc financing partner, the insurance arm of Securex has been involved in several business parks for SMEs developed by BVI.EU in Belgium a common customer segment for the two companies.

Filip Baptist, CEO of Securex: “Securex wants to relieve its customers as much as possible when it comes to entrepreneurship and employment. A broad range of services is an important pillar in this respect, and it’s in this area that the strong complementarity between Securex and BVI.EU creates additional potential. We both target SMEs and entrepreneurs, we both want to develop on a European level and thanks to the cooperation we’ll be able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive package of services. “

Jurgen Mesens, Managing Director of BVI.EU: “At BVI.EU we have grown strongly in recent years and we want to continue to do so in a sustainable way, both at home and abroad. Through the partnership with Securex, we’ll immediately receive a new injection of capital and know-how. And our new and existing customers can only benefit from this, because with a joint offer we can serve and relieve our customers even better, so that they can fully concentrate on their core business.”

The most important players in the European market

BVI.EU is active in Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg and has experienced impressive growth in recent years. Securex is also active in almost all of these countries.

As a service provider, HR Securex supports entrepreneurs and employers in developing their corporate and HR policies. It does this with a broad, integrated range of services, from HR administration and wage calculation to workplace prevention and well-being, employee talent development and income insurance. Securex is active in Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Spain.