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The foundation stone of Green Business Park Ecolys has been laid!

On Wednesday the 7th of December, BVI.EU laid the foundation stone of Green Business Park Ecolys in Rhisnes

Together with Mayor of Namur Maxim Prévot, General Manager of BEP (an organisaton that focuses on the economic, social and environmental development of the Province of Namur) Renaud Degueldre and a handful of local entrepreneurs, BVI.EU gave the starting shot for construction works on this Green Business Park. Colleague Geoffroy Dumonceau (Chief Development Officer) first presented this project in-depth, afterwards there was a delicious lunch.

This strategically located Green Business Park will consist of 24 flexible SME units with a surface area starting from 147 m² that can be combined with the neighbouring unit, and can be customised to be delivered turnkey with all necessary technical installations. The SME units offer storage or production space that can be combined with a workshop and/or office space. They will be available from the 4th quarter of 2023.

Green Business Park Ecolys will help enrich the Business Village Ecolys developed by BEP in Rhisnes and create new economic opportunities for investors and companies looking to establish themselves in the Namur region. Entrepreneurs will be able to buy, rent or lease the units so that the concept is fully adapted not only to the needs of each company, but also to its financial resources.




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