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“The fact that our building looks so fresh and new after a decade shows that BVI.EU is living up to its promises: constructing sustainable and quality buildings!”

Maxim De Moor – Icoustic


Icoustic – a specialist in improving the acoustics of all types of real estate projects, such as offices, catering establishments and schools – recently contacted BVI.EU for their new head office. They took over the previous headquarters of BVI.EU on Uilenbaan in Wommelgem and have not regretted it one bit. Manager and technical supervisor at Icoustic Maxim De Moor takes you behind the scenes.



A workplace that grows
at the pace of Icoustic

Icoustic has been committed to all kinds of real estate projects since 2015 and ensures that spaces no longer have echoes or reverberations and that speech intelligibility is preserved. For instance, they have also tackled the acoustics in Palace 12 at Brussels Expo, where numerous world famous artists have performed – including Nicki Minaj, Editors, Enrique Iglesias, Lenny Kravitz and more.

Their Belgian portfolio also includes the Ghent Boekentoren, the former Antwerp Courthouse and the Paradis Express district in Liège. In addition, Icoustic also makes sound waves vibrate on an international level. In France, the Louvre, Roland Garros and Le Jules Verne – the restaurant on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower – are customers of the acoustic contractor.

It has been a requirement for some time to take acoustics into account in real estate projects – a requirement that turned out quite profitable for Icoustic. As a result, the company grew and is still growing at a rapid pace – so a new head office was urgently needed.

“We recently moved from Merksem to Wommelgem, where we took over the former headquarters of BVI.EU”, says Maxim. “It was not easy to find a suitable location. We needed a spacious warehouse and modern offices in the same building.”

“We found it on Uilenbaan,” Maxim continues. “When we saw the property we immediately understood the potential. The property does not only look very good, the location is also excellent – just outside Antwerp and very close to the motorway so that Ghent, Brussels and even the Netherlands can also be easily reached.”




“Before, during and after the sale of this property, BVI.EU assisted us in providing the necessary service.”

Maxim De Moor – Icoustic


Visibly sustainable:
a timeless look for Icoustic headquarters

“I’m still amazed that our property looks so fresh and new because it’s already a decade old,” says Maxim. “For us, it proves that BVI.EU really keeps its promises: constructing sustainable, high-quality buildings that last a long time.

“You can also see this vision in the innovativeness of our offices: they are equipped with home automation, the air conditioning and the speakers are beautifully integrated and the wooden floor is still in perfect condition. In addition, the building is equipped with large windows, providing a lot of light on the north side without making the building any warmer inside, which is a big plus for us,” he continued.



Flexibility and expertise:
the service of BVI.EU summarised

“If you want me to summarise BVI.EU’s service and offer in one word, ‘flexibility’ is what springs to mind,” says Maxim. “We are very satisfied with the guidance provided by BVI.EU throughout the entire project: before, during and after the purchase of the property, the BVI.EU team was always ready to provide us with the necessary service. And even if they didn’t have an answer right away, they could refer us to someone from their high-quality network of specialists. It is an understatement to say that we are satisfied!”



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