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With the brand new business park, BVI.BE is bringing entrepreneurs to Aalter

Shortly after midday on April 21st, acting Mayor Patrick Hoste broke ground with a spade at the former Bekaert site at Lakeland industrial park. With this, BVI.BE, a specialist in real estate for companies, has officially started the construction of the more than 8,000 m² of planned SME units, with an area starting at 250 m². On this historical economically crucial site, the project team proudly presented the ambitious plans and then answered every question with a smile.


Suitable for every company
BVI.BE has a reputation for working with its customers to find the property that perfectly fits the specific needs of their company; this means not just the form, size and layout of the unit or combinable units, but also in terms of financing and rental agreement. BVI.BE consequently always succeeds in delivering property that is perfectly tailored to the customer.


Conveniently located top infrastructure
Thanks to 25 years of experience in the real estate business, BVI.BE can offer SMEs the perfect infrastructure that meets the highest standards of insulation and fire safety. The importance of the location of their industrial sites is also crucial. The Aalter business park is located along the Ghent-Ostend Canal and the E40, for optimal accessibility by land and water. In addition, there is plenty of on-site parking for all new companies at the brand new business park.


Launch event

At the event of April 21st, the acting mayor  Patrick Hoste gave some words of explanation on the cooperation between the city Aalter and BVI.BE, and the positive effects of the SME park on the city. Afterwards, everyone was welcome for the walking lunch: interested entrepreneurs, investors and curious citizens of the neighborhood. With this official launch, BVI.BE hopes to have a positive influence on the future of entrepreneurs and the city.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you wish more information on the possibilities and availabilities of the SME park in Aalter.