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BVI.EU begins construction of Nivelles Nord Green Business Park

With the laying of the first stone, the construction work for Nivelles Nord Green Business Park has officially begun. The project is a close collaboration between BVI.EU, the province of Walloon Brabant, and the city of Nivelles. In Nivelles, we are not new to such initiatives as we have already started a project on the southern side in 2022, called Nivelles Sud. Nivelles Nord Green Business Park will be available from the first quarter of 2024. The 14,800 m² facility is located in ‘Les Portes de l’Europe’ business park which, with an area of more than 85 hectares, accommodates up to 80 companies.

Economic boost for Walloon Brabant

The mayor of Nivelles, Pierre Huart, is very pleased about the arrival of the new business park in his city. “Entrepreneurs need the right premises and facilities to start or expand a business. BVI.EU understands this very well and it makes me very proud that they have chosen Nivelles for the second time as the location for their state-of-the-art business park. This project and the one in the south of the city offer local entrepreneurs ample support and opportunities to grow with an eye on the future. The immediate surroundings of our beautiful city will benefit economically from the developments in Nivelles Nord and Sud.”

Our founder, Michel Meers, agrees: “Just like our other projects, we’re focusing on quality and sustainability in Nivelles Nord Green Business Park. We opt for high quality materials with a long lifespan that are flexible enough to tailor the spaces to the needs of the clients. This way, Nivelles Nord Green Business Park offers a long-term real estate solution for growing companies. In addition, we take care of our clients throughout the entire process so that we can offer them an ideal working environment in all aspects.”

Six parts, one whole

Nivelles Nord Green Business Park is located on a 2.6-hectare site and has a total area of 14,830 m² spread over six buildings with 46 SME units and various office spaces.

Buildings A and B give Nivelles Nord Green Business Park its uniqueness. Building A, the largest of all, has four BTS* units and features two loading docks for larger logistics companies. Building B is about half the size and has two office buildings on the outside, each with B2B showrooms on the ground floor and two office floors. This is unique for BVI.EU, as most of our offices usually consist of only one floor. We’re targeting larger companies here.

Building C is the same as Building B, with the difference that the BTS units and available office space are more suitable for smaller companies. The remaining three buildings (D, E and F) together contain 32 units that are suitable for a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses. We provide 147 parking spaces in the green business park.

In addition to efficient use of space and materials, energy and water are also high on our sustainability scale. For example, each unit is equipped with skylights for natural ambient lighting, which also take into account the reflection of light in the spaces. The roofs are designed to provide space for solar panels and clients can choose to install a heat pump. For water reclamation, each residential unit has its own rainwater tank.

Green oasis nurturing economic success

​Les Portes de l’Europe business park, the former site of the Nivelles racecourse, has all the ingredients to attract new businesses. It offers an exceptional workplace in an industrial area with plenty of space for nature. Nivelles Nord Green Business Park is strategically located in Belgium, right between the capital Brussels and the major city of Charleroi, and is easily accessible via the E19, A54 and N25. The BVI.EU site is located on Robert Schuman Avenue at the entrance to Les Portes de l’Europe.

(*) Built-to-suit building (BTS): A commercial building tailored to the needs and requirements of the user and designed and constructed in consultation with the client; buildings are designed and equipped to evolve in the future to meet the changing needs of the client.