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A centrally located workplace that supports your growth

Your business is constantly evolving – and the Green Business Park Nivelles Sud responds to this change! The offices
and SME units in this business park are designed to be flexible, modern and modular.
They thus meet your current and future business needs.

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A workplace that supports your growth!

Every company has different needs when it comes to a workplace. Makes sense, because your activities and way of working differ from someone else’s. You therefore know better than anyone else what you need. Looking for a space that gives you the best possible start, or where you can expand your already existing business? One that you benefit from just as much in 30, 40 and 50 years’ time as you do today? Choose an SME unit or office in Green Business Park Nivelles-Sud.

Work at the
main intersection of northern European capitals

At BVI.EU, we understand the importance of a strategically located workplace. Green Business Park Nivelles-Sud is therefore located at the intersection of the R24 (southern bypass) and Rue de l’Industrie. This site benefits from very good accessibility via the R24 (southern ring road), which gives access to the E19 to the west and the N25 and N93 to the east. And there’s more: a car park with 20 above-ground and 48 underground parking spaces is included in this Green Business Park.

The combination of these assets is sure to come in handy! Moreover, the large Nivelles-Sud business park is close by with businesses from various sectors (commerce, industry, etc.). You will therefore find yourself in an extensive business ecosystem where networking and growing together are key.








Lease an office space
tailored to your business

The office building in Green Business Park Nivelles Sud has a total surface of  2,800 m², divided over nine offices on three platforms. The nine individual office spaces range in size from 210m² to 468 m² and can be adapted to your demand and needs.

On the ground floor, a spacious office of 468m² is available for rent. On the first and second floors, 4 offices of either 210m² (2), 350m² or 400m² are available each. Of course, a combination of units can also be chosen for larger surface areas. The first floor comprises a total of 1158m² and the second 1173m² of lettable area.

The car park associated with the building has 48 underground parking spaces and 20 above-ground  .

The office in building A01 is available for rent in combination with the SME units behind it.

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Focus on your core business
in an SME unit

At BVI.EU, we want to ensure that you can focus on the pure essence of your business. An SME-unit can strengthen you in running your business activities. Choose between units from 212m² to 254m² and arrange them as it suits you. You can use the units as work, production or storage space: from a warehouse to an office, showroom or even laboratory and more – anything is possible.

We will happily figure out together what works best for you! Would you like to combine an office and an SME-unit so that you have extra storage space? Or would you like to bring several SME-units together? We are happy to think it over with you. Each SME-unit can be combined with the neighboring unit according to the occupant’s needs, and each office can be combined with one or more SME-units according to your needs and activities.

The SME units behind the office building (B01 – B05) are available for rent. The other ones (C01 – C22) are for sale.

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BVI.EU’s green:
focus on sustainability and fauna and flora

We provide the basic facilities and equipment so that everything is ready for you from the moment you step inside. BVI.EU takes care of things thanks to S.E.Q. (Service for professional finishing of the security, landscaping and high-quality common areas.

Less energy, save more!
The buildings and interior and exterior design of the Green Business Park Lübeck not only reduce energy consumption, they also help you save money.

Get a head start
High-speed internet connections, charging stations for bicycles and electric vehicles, heat pumps and solar panels (optional), sensor-controlled LED lighting, excellent insulation of walls and roofs, etc. The basic facilities and equipment in Green Business Parks go far beyond what the legal requirements state.

An excellent working environment at the heart of a green oasis
More than 20% of the business park site consists of green zones. Almost 5,000 m² of green space are existing areas that will be preserved and maintained. Part of these areas is an ancient hedge that is of paramount importance to the flora and fauna in the region.



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