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A new SME park close to the Westbekekluis in Evergem

BVI.EU is developing a business park where small and medium-sized companies can settle in a new and sustainable building in East Flanders, in a location that is easily accessible but also pays sufficient attention to a green environment. Discover Heermeers Green Business Park.

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SME units between 115m² and 235m²

On the slightly more than 2 ha site (in industrial zone) at Doornstraat in Evergem, BVI.EU will realise a total of 8,500m² of commercial real estate where SMEs can develop their activities. In total, 39 SME units ranging from 115m² to 235m² of floor space will be built in three buildings. There is room for artisanal and semi-industrial companies in need of a production hall, a workshop or storage space, whether or not combined with office space. All this in a business park with attractive and clear architecture with high-quality finishes that can boost economic activity in the region.

The green in this Green Business Park

At Heermeers Green Business Park, BVI.EU is also committed to quality and sustainability. With a clear choice for long-life quality materials that are nevertheless flexible enough to allow changes to short-life materials, Heermeers Green Business Park offers a long-term real estate solution for businesses.

On top of efficient use of space and materials, energy and water are obviously high on the sustainability agenda. Specifically, each unit is equipped with skylights for natural basic lighting and light reflection has been taken into account. At Heermeers Green Business Park, a conscious decision has been made not to install gas in the units, but numerous energy-efficient systems are among the individual options.

The roofs have already been fitted with solar panels. Towards water recovery, each unit has an individual rainwater cistern. The business park will also have plenty of greenery, with ornamental grasses and zones with coloured flowers, a wooded tallud, planters and grassy banks. A real Green Business Park.


kmo park units 

kmo-park Heermeers Green


An optimal location
as a strategic advantage

Heermeers Green Business Park, in Doornstraat in Evergem, on the one hand, is located near Ghent a few kilometres from the R4 around Ghent and the nearby N9. The Ghent Seaport is less than 15 km from the site. On the other hand, the green environment, characteristic of the Meetjesland, with the nearby Heermeespark in particular, is also an important asset.

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