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Let your business grow in the green surroundings of Kortessem Green Business Park

Kortessem Green Business Park offers plenty of opportunities to grow your business. This green SME zone with 42 units and a separate commercial building is located in an industrial zone surrounded by other commercial buildings. The park is a stone’s throw from Kortessem centre (2.2 km), and close to the junction for Hasselt-East (3.6 km). Thanks to the strategic location and siting of the park, the buildings give excellent visibility from the street side.

SME units
from 138m² to 1826m²

BVI.EU’s units are modular. To support the growth of your business, you can combine several units into a larger one. The units are designed to be move-in ready, including all utilities and technical installations.

You can discuss additional options with your customer advisor, such as a mezzanine for more space and flexibility or solar panels. Some of the units come with a mezzanine as standard. This can be set up as additional storage or office space or with a kitchenette underneath.

The 42 units in the SME park of about 31,714.8 sqm are offered for sale and are ideal for growing with your business. The SME units are available from 138m² to 1826m².

A sustainable environment for the growth of your business

Each unit is fitted with skylights for natural ambient lighting and light reflection has been taken into account. BVI.EU has deliberately chosen numerous energy-efficient systems.

The roofs can be fully utilised and fitted with solar panels. Heat pumps and charging stations are also provided. These are not standard for the units, but the option is available through customer support.

For the purpose of water recovery, a cistern is provided for every two units. There is also ample greenery in the business park thanks to ornamental grasses, zones with colourful flowers, planters, grassy banks and several wadis.

In short, a beautiful green environment for your business to flourish!

Put your company in the spotlight thanks to the B2B showroom

Kortessem Green Business Park has six commercial spaces. These lend themselves perfectly to the creation of a B2B showroom on the ground floor combined with office space on the first floor. Each block of buildings has two B2B showrooms at the front.

The large window will give your business the visibility and natural light it needs. This high visibility will not only benefit your own customers, it will also attract the attention of customers of other companies in the SME park.

A great opportunity to showcase your business!

Choosing Kortessem Green Business Park is choosing growth

Let your business flourish in this green, dynamic environment.

  • Your unit grows with you. The units are modularly adaptable to your professional needs.
  • Easily accessible thanks to the nearby junction and strategic location of the business park.
  • Go sustainable with solar panels, heat pumps and other energy-efficient systems.
  • Complete peace of mind and a sense of security thanks to the S.E.Q. package. This allows you to focus on growing your business.

Full peace of mind from the S.E.Q. package

At BVI.EU, giving you peace of mind is key. We understand that your time is precious and that you prefer to focus fully on your business activities.

Our commitment to lifting the burden is reflected in our thorough care for basic facilities and equipment, following our well thought-out S.E.Q (Security, Environment, Quality) approach. With this, we ensure not only professional security, but also a green environment and high-quality communal areas.

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